Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Joe Hockey feeding both sides of the spending fence

Joe Hockey is not intersted in consistency when he's spinning the daily chook droppings. From ABC Radio AM this morning:

JOE HOCKEY: Well we committed to welfare reform, but we also recognise that if you are going to move people from welfare into work you have to spend money on training, on job support. Most importantly you need to, especially in the case of disability pensioners, upgrade facilities at employers' premises.
Hockey: budget not credible without carbon tax numbers
On Sunday he rolled his hollow barrel about government expenditure:
THE Federal Government says it will deliver a tough budget, but all it has done during the past week is spend money, Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey says.

Mr Hockey says if the Government wants to take upward pressure off interest rates it has to get the budget back to surplus, and the starting point is to stop spending money.
Want to budget? Just stop spending, says Joe Hockey

Neither are the media, going by the lack of rigour in testing Joe's contradcitory nonsense with the odd pertinent question.

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