Saturday, December 15, 2012

From Watergate to Ashbygate: how the press makes sausages

From Watergate to Ashbygate. Thanks to the Geek Institute @geeksrulz for this timely video.

"Front Pages on Slipper Scandal. Our esteemed media at work. From Watergate to Ashbygate. A study in how the press makes sausages. Our own Australian Watergate."

Anyone who is not very concerned about the Australian media's coverage of Federal politics, is not paying attention.

If you've been offline for a few days, as I was earlier in the week, or have been relying on my usual sources/suspects The Age and The ABC, then here are a couple of new media analyses that may help:

From Mr. Denmore (Jim Parker) who looks at the general malaise - The Failed Estate: Send in the Clowns

From Sortius is a Geek exploring Tony Abbott's spin about the strange time gap in the publication of his first media release: 10 HOURS OF BULLSHIT

Anyway it doesn't matter because Michelle Gratttan, Chris Uhlmann and the press gallery have told us that it's a no-win situation politically. In fact, if you watched Friday night's ABCTV 7.30 program, you'd know that the real villain of the the week is not James Ashby, Mal Brough, the shonky lawyer or one of the many Liberal party dissemblers. It's the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. How dare she ask for the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, to be held accountable. Or even just to tell the truth.

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