Friday, November 30, 2007

The Tallyroom: Howard Made History

The Poll That Counts No.2: Howard Made History

Inside the Canberra Tallyroom the excitement builds in the 2007 Australian Federal election. Maxine McKew, the ALP candidate, establishes a comfortable lead over John Howard, outgoing Prime Minister and Member for Bennelong.

We wait for Senator Penny Wong, ALP campaign spokesperson, to smile. What a poker face! It finally happens at 9.30 pm when Maxine appears on the TV coverage. National Barnaby Joyce, and Liberals Bill Heffernan and Joe Hockey clearly have dud hands all night. Humpty Dumpty Hockey gets hotter and hotter. Looks like he might explode as he he struggles in his own seat. Heffernan spars with the Chaser but more of that in the following episodes. Finally Howard appears, to make his concession speech, and the crowd hushes.

Footnote: Later Kerry O'Brien and Antony Green both complained about the crowd noise. Some of it was caused by the Chaser. Most was spontaneous outpourings of delight as the figures for Bennelong came on the screens or images of Maxine or Julia Gillard appeared. Unfortunately Julia was seated with her back to the public area so we missed her live facial expressions.

Think I was the only one watching the old tallyboards.

More to come: People in the tallyroom watch Howard's speech. Hefferan payback.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Poll That Counts No.1: Around the booths

I represented YouDecide2007 as a citizen journalist at the Tallyroom on Saturday night. An amazing experience! During Howard's concession speech I videoed the people on the floor of the media centre watching him: Bill Hefferan, Steve Price, Penny Wong, Sharon Burrows and many more.

Still editing. First episode "The Poll That Counts No.1: Around the booths" is on Youtube.

All episodes will be posted to Youdedcide2007, and TeacherTube as well to get around the censors. Watch this space!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good for democracy, tragic for cricket!

Back in Broome. Incredible experience at the Tallyroom. Thanks youdecide2007 for a great opportunity and to Jason Wilson in particular.

One hour of video from Saturday needs to be edited. Then you can watch Bill Hefferan (and many others including Steve Price) watching Howard's concession speech. Plus lots more.

So put a feed on here and/or youdecide2007 and get the videos hot off the Mac as they are completed.

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Friday, November 23, 2007

The counts that counts!

I'm off to the Canberra Tally Room tomorrow night to cover the election for Youdecide2007. It is a prize awarded for the best contribution to their website throughout the campaign. I am stoked. Look for the "old man" with the dinky-toy camera.

This one's for the people of Maningrida. And for Heather who'll be holding the fort in Broome.

Please feel free to comment. I'll be back!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lindsaygate: "we are not crooks just stupid"

Jackie Kelly is certainly loyal. She is defending her husband and mates as just joking with their leaflet. Fake flyer meant as a joke: Lib MP (ABC News, 22 November 2007)

The Liberal Lindsaygate team have been nominated by LaborView for the Dead Parrots Society Hall of Fame today. It has always amused me that one of the links on Jackie Kelly’s website is to church service times in her electorate. Just Christian ones, no synagogues, no mosques or buddhist temples. Long live mono-culturalism which some of us know by another name.

Richard Nixon famously claimed in 1973, "I am not a crook."

Jackie Kelly seems to saying of her husband Gary Clark, "He's just stupid." She just told the Today Show: "He hates the unions with a passion." "It was cooked up by a bunch of bored drunks".

You're right Jackie, life is funnier than fiction.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vaile's search for a scapegoat

Update: Mark Vaile has been nominated for the Dead Parrots Society Hall of Fame.

Mark Vaile has been the weakest link in the Coalition team this year. Doesn't seem to have recovered from the AWB scandal. This is despite giving up the Trade portfolio so that he could nurse the Nationals at home. Babysitting Barnaby Joyce seems to have been a full time job as we have seen this week with Joyce's support of Labor's proposed IR changes. Too busy to keep any sort of profile as Deputy Prime Minister. I bet a poll of electors would find they think Costello holds that job.

Anyway, he's worked out what the problem is, why they're losing the campaign:

Federal Nationals leader Mark Vaile says he would have liked the business community to have done more to support the Coalition's industrial relations laws during the election campaign. Business didn't back WorkChoices enough: Vaile (ABC News, 21 November 2007)

I'm sure Howard would have liked Mark Vaile to have done more all round. More of the blame game next week if the polls are to be believed.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"The Australian" Editorial 23/11/07

"The Australian" Editorial
Friday 23 November 2007

It's (not just marking) time!

A decisive win on Saturday is essential for the health of Australian politics. The Australian Labor Party may need 52% to gain a majority. The Coalition parties could scrape home with less than 50%, perhaps even less than 49%. Our democracy would be severely damaged by such a result.

The disillusionment amongst younger voters would be profound. Their interest in politics has revived recently with the desire for positive change and the belief that it can be achieved. It is not just changing the government but reinvigorating our whole approach to politics. Climate change and broadband are more than policy issues for the decision-makers of the coming decades. They are iconic. Symbols of new ways of shaping the future.

Many of those who are turning against the Howard government believe that his team are politically and morally bankrupt. Some of the more glaring examples include: Iraq, the AWB bribes scandal, the shoddy treatment of Australian citizens such as Cornelia Rau and Vivian Alvarez Solon, the political manipulation of the Hicks, Habib and Haneef cases, the orgy of taxpayer-funded propaganda, blatant pork barrelling, the expedient about-faces on global warming and reconciliation, and the cynical introduction of Work Choices. The vilification of refugees and the abuse of basic human rights have reached new lows. The first ever joint John Howard/Peter Costello interview smacked of the kind of hypocrisy that young people reject.

The government’s strength has been the economy but Kevin Rudd has presented a convincing case that Labor will be effective economic managers. The debate has become more complex than three years ago. It's not just interest rates or a booming mining sector. Uncontrolled growth, poor productivity and skills shortages have brought financial stress to both the business community and individuals. Mortgage stress and housing affordability are not just catch phrases. Growing personal debt and unfettered balance of trade deficits present challenges that neither side has yet to face. The exchange rate cannot be sustained at such high levels without major ramifications for whole sectors of the economy, especially exporters.

The Liberal party seem to have run out of steam. They are increasingly out of touch and tainted by political expediency and self-preservation. The treasurer has had ample opportunity to present his vision and plans for Australia’s future. He has failed this challenge. He has been a very poor alternative leader of the opposition.

Leadership is about creative ideas and renewal. It is not just marking time. We urge the Australian voters to elect a Rudd Labor government with a clear mandate for the revitalisation that we urgently need.

(Rupert Murdoch's election editorials are always so predictable. I thought I'd write my own. If you have your own or would like to make additions, please use comments below.)

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Monday, November 19, 2007

John Howard: "the world will not end tomorrow"

Great news! Our Prime Minister continues to sit on his hands.

CLIMATE CHANGE is a serious challenge, but the world will not end tomorrow because of it, says John Howard. It's so reassuring. Hope he's read the IPCC report. Perhaps it will make good retirement reading next week.

A sample from the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report

Table SPM.2. Examples of some projected regional impacts

Australia and New Zealand

• By 2020, significant loss of biodiversity is projected to occur in some ecologically rich sites including the Great Barrier Reef and Queensland Wet Tropics;

• By 2030, water security problems are projected to intensify in southern and eastern Australia and, in New Zealand, in Northland and some eastern regions;

• By 2030, production from agriculture and forestry is projected to decline over much of southern and eastern Australia, and over parts of eastern New Zealand, due to increased drought and fire. However, in New Zealand, initial benefits are projected in some other regions.;

• By 2050, ongoing coastal development and population growth in some areas of Australia and New Zealand are projected to exacerbate risks from sea level rise and increases in the severity and frequency of storms and coastal flooding.

Summary for Policymakers of the Synthesis Report of the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report
(16 November 2007)

Please visit the IPCC website for the full details. This is not time for blinkered sceptics like our PM!
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

One Nation: Two Peoples

Just when it seemed that it had become a presidential campaign in Kalgoorlie, with few personal insights from the two main contenders, One Nation have reminded voters what they stand for. According to the Kal Miner, a regional newspaper owned by the West Australian:

Race relations emerged as an election issue in Kalgoorlie yesterday.
One Nation candidate Derek Major said police failed to target indigenous people in Kalgoorlie-Boulder for fear of being branded racist.

But his claims have been refuted by local indigenous leaders and other candidates.
Racial claims refuted (Kalgoorlie Miner, 17th November 2007)
Barry Haase, current Liberal member, disagreed with One Nation, blaming a lack of police resources. ALP candidate Sharon Thiel pointed to the high incarceration rate of indigenous people in prisons in refuting Major’s claims.
That’s the closest we’ve come to some hard election news lately if you don’t count this bit of info-tisement on the same day:

Centrelink manager Glen Jones was presented with a national award for exemplary service yesterday.

Presenting the award Kalgoorlie MHR Barry Haase said Mr Jones had done a “hell of a good job” with a “hell of a lot of staff”.
Mr Jones acts as a point of contact for Mr Haase for nearly all the Centrelink offices from Broome to Esperance.
Award for Centrelink head (Kalgoorlie Miner, 17th November 2007)
How's that for cutting edge journalism during the last weeks of the campaign!

Meanwhile back in Broome, an inquest is being held into aboriginal deaths at which it was revealed there is a waiting list for public housing of 863. Kimberley housing wait list nearly 900 (The West Australian, 15th November 2007)

The overwhelming majority of those on the list are aboriginal people. I have not seen any comments by the candidates so far.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

John Howard's Dead Parrots Society

While Howard and his cronies wait for something to turn up and they continue their mantra of empty smears, all Labor supporters should carpe diem.

Seize the day, enjoy it to the full. Might as well savour the next week. A week's a long cliche in politics!

If you've missed any of the LaborView videos, spend some time visiting the Broome Voices series opposite for some serious reflections by local people.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Entry Poll: First Votes for Labor

Bardi Dancers at Stonehenge 2006

The Bardi Dancers from Western Australia's Ardyaloon (One Arm Point) community, who performed at Stonehenge last year, were among the first Australians to vote in the Federal election. Mobile polling booths visited there and Lombardina/Djarindjin communities on Tuesday.

My entry poll taken while handing out ALP how-to-vote cards at each place, confirmed overwhelming support for Labor. The One Arm Point polling took place in the open air in high 30's temperatures. Hopefully an omen for more open government in the near future. We have to keep trying!

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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Poll that counts

While the leaders "launch" their campaigns LaborView will be at the one that counts: remote mobile polling booths. Enjoy the bribes!

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Touch Series - Kalgoorlie Campaign Artwork Auction

Touch Series, the True Nature of Woman

Carol Martin is the first Indigenous woman to be elected to Parliament in Australia – currently serving as the Member for the Kimberley in Legislative Assembly of Western Australia. Many of her artworks reflect this other passion in her life, providing commentary on the world of politics from a deep Indigenous spiritual perspective.

Martin had her first exhibition in Broome in 2004, and since then has received
growing acclaim for her multidimensional work.

Carol Martin describes the work:
We are not always what we seem and when the time comes for us to take our place, or protect those what we love, we become something else. What looks safe and comforting, can be harsh, tough and unforgiving. The life of a Woman is complex, from Birth to Death, the journey is one of discovery, strength and fulfilment. The Colours of the Journey are deceptive, pink and white, comforting, yet, not what it seems.
Her works have previously sold for thousands of dollars, so with a reserve of just $500, this could be a bargain addition to someone's collection.

Support the election of a Rudd Labor government.
Bids on ebay till 17 November.

Her "Broome Voices" election interview can be accessed under LABORVIEW Videos Menu, on the right hand side of this blog.

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Howard: Go for Broke

Falling interest rates show the government are good economic managers.
Rising interest rates show the government are good economic managers.

Mortgages have gone up more than 25% since the last election.

Do you still believe the Liberal Lies!

Post this image to any doubters!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Malcolm down with EI?

Thanks to Crikey's blogwatch the Australian Elections blog has alerted us to someone who might be held responsible for the quarantine fiasco known as Equine Influenza. Randwick Racecourse is next to Malcolm Turnbull's Wentworth electorate. Moore Park and nearby areas are supposed to have a high number of racing industry workers. The blog claimed the traditional Liberal vote of 55% around this area has evaporated.

If only it were true! A quick check of the 2004 election results showed that the polling places nearest to Randwick such as Clovelly, Randwick North and Paddington South favoured the ALP with 55% Two Party Preferred. The racecourse itself is in Peter Garrett's Kingford Smith seat. Anyway, Turnbull could still catch flu if there is any significant swing amongst racing industry connections.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

NT Invasion: Unfinished Business

If you missed Tracking the Intervention on Four Corners last night, make sure that you catch tonight’s replay at 11.35 tonight, use the VCR or see it online by clicking the image above. Matthew Carney visited Maningrida and Finke communities for the report. If you still think that the Northern
Territory intervention is about child abuse or empowering aboriginal people, you will be challenged by the evidence.

Whoever wins the election, there is unfinished business to redress what is going on.

The health checks have almost nothing to do with abuse and are duplicating resources such as the Health Clinic in Maningrida. Opportunities and money are being squandered in shameful ways.

The death of CDEP is forcing people off meaningful employment and back on to welfare and destroying programs that offer hope. Outside managers with unprecedented powers but questionable experience are taking over communities. Listen for the embarrassed pause when the new saviour in Maningrida is asked what experience he has in indigenous communities. Four months after the invasion and he can’t answer the simplest questions. Maningrida does not need more outsiders like Counicl CEO’s who think their communities are zoos.

An enormous amount needs to be done with (not to) communities to address the challenges they face. This is not the way to do it.

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Equine flu: not responsible... again!

With the possible exception of the West Australian newspaper which wanted a scalp early in the piece, the media took to their stalls over the outbreak of equine influenza. Perhaps it is not too late to hold someone accountable, albeit in the context of an election campaign.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald Minister fobbed off flu alert (SMH 3 November 2007)

BARELY two years before equine influenza paralysed the horse industry and hobbled this year's Melbourne Cup, the Federal Government gave a written assurance that quarantine protocols were so stringent an outbreak of the disease "could not occur".

Warren Truss was the "responsible" minister then. Ian Callinan's inconveniently timed inquiry resumes this week. Current minister Peter McGauran will no doubt cry, "nobody told us anything". Like Howard and Downer they were too busy not listening about the AWB bribes to Saddam Hussein.

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Friday, November 2, 2007

John Howard still responsible...

My campaign video "John Howard: not, not... responsible" has been getting a few visits (close to 1800 on Youtube at last count, an unknown amount on Facebook and even some on Teachertube for those who get blocked by the censor) so I thought it was worth a re-run. Send it to any swinging voters you know - every vote counts! Target is 15,000 by election day.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Kalgoorlie Closer?

Halfway through the campaign, it is disappointing to hear so little of substance from our local Liberal member for Kalgoorlie, Barry Haase. His recent glossy mail-out contained a 7 point so-called plan, barren of any new ideas or concrete action.

We had a retread of his Taxation Zone Rebate proposal that doesn’t yet even have the status of a non-core government promise. It may pop up when they get desperate.

He gave uncritical support for the Maret Islands as the site for the LNG plant, before the company have even finished local consultations.

He has made an open commitment to hosting a nuclear waste dump in the electorate and has remained silent about nuclear reactors in WA. He even claimed John Howard was too busy to share his nuclear power plans. Just as busy as he was before the last election, too busy to tell the voters about his Work Choices plans if he snatched control of the Senate.

Being our representative in Canberra is not just a case of follow the leader. Nor is it enough to see the role of parliamentarian as a mixture of public relations and tourism promotion. The Kalgoorlie electorate and Australia need real leaders, not one who are just marking time.

P.S. A 4 page spread has just appeared in the local Broome Advertiser masquerading as a “Community Newsletter”. Barry claims credit for a number of initiatives but the total funds hardly exceed his taxpayer financed printing and postage expenses which are excessive by any standards. His propaganda usually feeds from the trough of public funding.

P.P.S. The Newspoll summary for the last fortnight shows a 10.2% swing to the ALP in Non-Capital cities in WA whatever that means. A good chunk of Kalgoorlie may fit into that category. The Statewide swing of 4.4% leaves Labor's candidate Sharon Thiel with just 1.9% to make up. If you believe the polls.

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