Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oz blogosphere on Gillard's fightback

What is the Oz blogosphere saying about Gillard's fightback? My post for Global Voices:

There have been very mixed reactions to Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s decisive victory over former PM Kevin Rudd in the leadership challenge. The vote amongst Australian Labor Party parliamentarians (the caucus) was 71 – 31, despite opinions polls showing Rudd having much higher popularity with voters.

Can she unite the party and make sure that her only opponent is Opposition leader Tony Abbott?

...the inevitable sports satire came from the White Maggot (the name refers to umpires who traditionally wore white) in Rudd set to challenge Gillard as Bulldogs Number 1 Ticket Holder. The Western Bulldogs is an Australian Football League club located in Footscray, part of Julia Gillard’s electorate. The prime minister will be hoping that her bark is at least the equal of her bite.
Australia: Prime Minister Julia Gillard Wins Big in Leadership Dogfight


Now also available in French.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Twitterville: Political Paralysis Before Leadership Vote

From my latest Global Voices post:

Australia’s governing party will decide between current Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the one she deposed in 2010 Kevin Rudd. Following months of speculation, Australian Labor Party parliamentarians will vote after a very self-destructive confrontation this week.

As well as bloggers such as Lavartus Prodeo and their legions of commenters, tweeters have taken to the task with gusto. #respill has been the tag of choice for many whilst the somewhat bizarre #kevenge seems to capture the mood of many others in twitterville.

...A new pro-Rudd user appeared @Vote4Rudd which asks, “Follow us if you want Kevin Rudd back!” Despite Kevin’s supposed popularity it had only 141 followers after two days.

...Parliamentarians who have not yet indicated how they will vote are being hounded on twitter. Journalists such as @ABCNews24’s reporter Latika Bourke seem relentless. After stalking Anthony Albanese MP for days she live-tweeted his whole radio interview
Australia: Political Paralysis Before Leadership Vote

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Video: Julia Gillard announcing leadership spill

As promised, video of Julia Gillard announcing leadership spill.

Unfortunately, it does not have the questions section when she gets really feisty. If anyone knows where to get a copy, please let me know.

Update: From Sunriseon7 - the long version

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Julia Gillard's press conference was one of her best performances. Will post it when it's available.

She gave journalists carte blanche to reveal any instances of her undermining Kevin Rudd before the coup that toppled him in 2010. Kevin Rudd should give a similar undertaking to the press gallery, given the accusations that he has been leaking against Gillard since the 2010 election campaign.

My view: #ISupportGillard

More later.

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