Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Andrew Robbed of Our Say on Same Sex Marriage

Locals in Andrew Robb's House of Representatives seat of Goldstein should be asking what happened to his consultations about same sex marriage.

The latest 8 page glossy Robb Report that is distributed to every residence doesn't mention it. It does have room for 7 photos of Andrew. Now he wouldn't want to be a waste of space, would he. His website doesn't seem to have anything about it. In fact his online survey Have Your Say about 'what's important to you?' doesn't include it as one of the loaded issues.

 The Robb Report also has a law and order page 'Tough Action Needed on Graffiti'. It's a State issue but the Shadow Finance Minister "recently called on the Gillard Government to reinstate the National Community Crime Prevention Program and commit more funding...". This comes from the same Opposition that are supposedly combing the budget "line by line" to find $70 billion dollars in cuts if they are elected.

Will Andrew give us a guarantee that this program will be quarantined from the razor gang's work? It is part of The Plan For Hope that promises to "cut wasteful spending" and spend billions on new programs. Perhaps the shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey will be able to put rabbits back in the hat. It will certainly be a mad hatter's tea party.

Liberals don't tell lies they just make non-core promises.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cartoonists Capture Oz Politics

A couple of cartoons reflecting on Oz party politics this week: The first is from Laberal: Coalition plan to slash $70bn from budget

The second, from Fiona Katauskas, is posted at Eureka Street: A Lack of Opposition

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