Friday, November 2, 2007

John Howard still responsible...

My campaign video "John Howard: not, not... responsible" has been getting a few visits (close to 1800 on Youtube at last count, an unknown amount on Facebook and even some on Teachertube for those who get blocked by the censor) so I thought it was worth a re-run. Send it to any swinging voters you know - every vote counts! Target is 15,000 by election day.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

southaussie here again ... 6.5% intrest in that clip is far better than 17 to 18% under Labor last time they were in. even if is does go up during this election its still 10% below what Labor had. Aw yes and by the way the name Mr Zappia dropped for the take over of the Labor leadership is Bill Shorten. We know there will be a leadership change over in the Liberals .. lets wait and see about Labor (if they get in). I am a TPI pensioner and i did listen once (from Labor)to the anouncment that my pension and Cares payments would rise ... but 'just' not enough $$ to swing me yet!

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