Saturday, November 10, 2007

Touch Series - Kalgoorlie Campaign Artwork Auction

Touch Series, the True Nature of Woman

Carol Martin is the first Indigenous woman to be elected to Parliament in Australia – currently serving as the Member for the Kimberley in Legislative Assembly of Western Australia. Many of her artworks reflect this other passion in her life, providing commentary on the world of politics from a deep Indigenous spiritual perspective.

Martin had her first exhibition in Broome in 2004, and since then has received
growing acclaim for her multidimensional work.

Carol Martin describes the work:
We are not always what we seem and when the time comes for us to take our place, or protect those what we love, we become something else. What looks safe and comforting, can be harsh, tough and unforgiving. The life of a Woman is complex, from Birth to Death, the journey is one of discovery, strength and fulfilment. The Colours of the Journey are deceptive, pink and white, comforting, yet, not what it seems.
Her works have previously sold for thousands of dollars, so with a reserve of just $500, this could be a bargain addition to someone's collection.

Support the election of a Rudd Labor government.
Bids on ebay till 17 November.

Her "Broome Voices" election interview can be accessed under LABORVIEW Videos Menu, on the right hand side of this blog.

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