Friday, November 23, 2007

The counts that counts!

I'm off to the Canberra Tally Room tomorrow night to cover the election for Youdecide2007. It is a prize awarded for the best contribution to their website throughout the campaign. I am stoked. Look for the "old man" with the dinky-toy camera.

This one's for the people of Maningrida. And for Heather who'll be holding the fort in Broome.

Please feel free to comment. I'll be back!

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Guy said...

Great work Kevin and good luck. Actually, hold that thought - probably better to save up that luck for our friend Mr. Rudd! ;)

Michael Tuomy said...

Hi, my name is Michael I'm a Labor person from Melbourne. I found you on Rudd's facebook & have been looking at your blog for a couple of weeks, it's helped me putting better features on my blog, so thanks Kevin. I'm looking forward to reading your tally room report, it was a great prize to win. Congrats.

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