Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Kalgoorlie Update

Tomorrow I'm off to Sydney for the Getup! Refresh conference to share some grassroots politicking. So a couple of "local" updates.

The Poll:

Latest Two Party Preferred count in Kalgoorlie electorate: Barry Haase (Lib) 52.22% Sharon Thiel (ALP) 47.78. That's a swing of 4.08% to Labor. So much for the mythology about the popularity of Work Choices, AWAs and the economic boom in WA. Haase was re-elected on Kal's vote where he had the home ground advantage. The Greens vote is down slightly.

Ningaloo Reef Listing:

It didn't take long for the Pastoralists and Graziers Association to lobby the new Labor government. They are arguing for minimal boundaries for the proposed World Heritage listing of Ningaloo Reef.

Labor urged to reject Ningaloo Reef heritage listing boundaries (ABC News 30 November 2007)

Something for Peter Garrett to get his teeth into. Not to mention grassroots campaigners.

I reported this issue during the campaign but it didn't get any traction.

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