Sunday, July 26, 2009

Melbourne International Film Festival: all publicity...

The controversy over the withdrawal of Chinese films from the Melbourne International Film Festival seems to be great for business.

The head of the Melbourne International Film Festival says the event will not bow to pressure over the films it shows, after its website was hacked into.

A Chinese national hacked into the website calling for it to dump the documentary Ten Conditions of Love, which tells the story of Rebiya Kadeer - a figurehead for China's Uighur population - who is seen as a criminal by the Chinese Government.
MIFF 'sticking to guns' over Uighur film
Ken Loach's boycott of the festival because of Israeli government sponsorship has not dented its appeal either. If the two sessions we attended today were any indication, business is thriving. Sellout attendances is a gross understatement.

The free publicity has been priceless.

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