Sunday, August 2, 2009

Progressive Conservatism: Arise Sir Malcolm

One of the goals of the The Progressive Conservatism Project is:

developing bold approaches to tackling poverty and inequality in all its forms: poverty of income, assets, aspiration, and networks.
It seems that Kiwi conservatives know what the new way means. Back to the future:
Eminent New Zealanders have overwhelmingly embraced the chance to reclaim the titles of knight and dame under a change in the country's honours system.

Of the 85 people singled out for distinguished work since the titles were abolished by the former Labour government in 2000, 72 have accepted the honours since they were reinstated by the current National government in March.
New Zealanders reclaim imperial honours
Malcolm Turnbull is a lateral thinker. Maybe he'll look across the Tasman for innovative solutions to the Federal deficit such as selling Imperial Honours.

Phillip Bond, Director of the PC Project, shared his ideas with Geraldine Doogue last week:
And what I want to do is try to create a genuine conservatism, the conservatism of the 1920s and 1930s, that was advocated in the UK by Noel Skelton, who coined the term 'property-owning democracy', and that in itself was influenced by the great liberal catholic thinkers, Chesterton and Bellock. And this notion of a property-owning democracy, creates a genuine third way, not an illusory third way, between a capitalism that dispossesses people for the benefits of a small elite, and state socialism that dispossesses everybody for the benefits of the state.
Phillip Blond: Progressive Conservatism
Time to bring back the limited franchise for elections, just for the property-owners of course.

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