Sunday, September 20, 2009

Geraldine Doogue: Angela Merkel "unglamorous"

In her SaturdayExtra program on ABC Radio National, presenter Geraldine Doogue referred to German Chancellor as unglamorous.

The website puts it this way:

According to some analysts, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is not the 'Iron lady' that British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was.

She is not considered beautiful, is not warm, rarely smiles, is not a great communicator, has no charisma, is not glamorous - and it seems that she has yet to deliver a knock out speech.

And yet, maybe she has connected with her people, to the extent that voters think of her as 'the matriarch who takes care of them'.
It's a cut down version of Doogue's comments from the item. The tone of her opening remark "that most unglamorous woman, as it were", with its negative connotations, left us gobsmacked.

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