Friday, March 12, 2010

Global Citizen Voices Spread the Word

Global Voices will hold its biennial Citizen Media Summit 2010 in early May in Santiago, Chile.

Currently GV is teaming up with the BBC's SuperPower project:

...over the next two weeks we'll be selecting from, and linking to, relevant posts from Global Voices' network of 200 bloggers and citizen journalists and we'll also be asking Global Voices editors to give their views on how the mainstream media handle the news.
SuperPower: BBC and Global Voices
Fittingly the first article highlights the work of GV author Silvia Vinas:
Chileans have been using Twitter to highlight articles from indigenous Mapuche blogs and websites that point to widespread devastation in rural areas since the earthquake on 27 February. Many complain that the desperate situation in indigenous communities has scarcely been mentioned in Chilean media.

On Global Voices, Silvia Vinas has translated Spanish-language blogs and Twitter messages that demonstrate how the indigenous community is making its situation known on the web.
Chile's indigenous Mapuche speak out online
From Silvia's post:
After the massive earthquake that hit Chile on February 27, the media and the government have faced strong criticism for their lack of coverage and support for the small communities closest to the epicenter. One of these communities is the Mapuche indigenous people, whose territory is found in central and southern Chile.
Chile: Mapuche Communities Affected by Earthquake
It's just one of several GV posts about the earthquake here.

For more please click the links.

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