Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Andrew Robb Takes Credit for School Halls

You can't underestimate Coalition Shadow Finance spokesperson Andrew Robb’s cunning. Our Goldstein Federal member stopped mentioning school projects for fear of endorsing stimulus funding under the Building Education Revolution (BER). For some time they had disappeared from his website.

But being a politician, he just can't help trying to take some of the credit. His latest ploy is to 'congratulate' recipients:
Federal Government funding highlights since 2004
I would like to congratulate everyone who has approached both the Coalition Government and the Labor Government over the last six years to secure this funding.
He lists BER projects by sub-program only e.g. National School Pride. So he is taking some credit for the “waste” he’s always harping about.

Incidentally, of the 35 NSP projects, only one mentions a school hall and it was an extension to create a gymnasium. So much for the so-called 'school halls' program!

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