Saturday, September 14, 2013

Criteria for Selecting a Liberal Party Leader

In the spirit of balance the following is a list of Selection Criteria for a Liberal Party leader:

Liberal Leader - Selection Criteria
  • Quick as a wink
  • Complete faith in the trickle-up theory of economics
  • Bowed when being duchessed
  • Looks good in lycra
  • Not suppository of all knowledge
  • Can tell the baddies from the goodies
  • Not-bad-looking daughters
  • Friends in high (media) places
  • Master of monosyllabic catch phrases
  • Fetching in orange safety vest and hardhat or butcher’s apron
  • Tunnel and rear vision
  • Parrots platitudes perfectly
  • A touch of homophobia and misogyny
  • Avoids in depth media events
  • Attends weddings and sporting events on taxpayers
  • Invisibility: Answer no questions, tell no lies
  • Agility to keep an election promise without meaning to

Any resemblance to Tony Abbott is purely intentional.

Please add your thoughts on criteria in comments.

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