Sunday, July 3, 2016

Liberals Lost for Words Over Malcolm Turnbull

It was a defining moment of #ausvotes2016.

The scene: outside Black Rock Primary School polling place just after voting began on 2 July. It as as true-blue as it gets. New kid on the block, former 'Freedom Commissioner' Tim Wilson, won the seat easily, replacing Andrew Robb, retiring Trade minister.

The players: 3 Liberal Party campaigners, one Green and myself were handing out How-to-Vote cards.

The question: A discussion ensued about Bill Shorten's leadership and campaigning. After some consensus that he's performed above expectations, the Green asked what should have been a dorothy-dixer. "What about Malcolm?"

The answer: 3 jaws dropped simultaneously, with eyes darting to the others for help. After an embarrassing sterile pause, some generalities about Turnbull having faced a difficult task.

The lesson: If Turnbull continues as PM, he will need to win the confidence of his own followers before he can show real leadership of the country.

Anyway, Draw your own conclusions. The mainstream media and the commentariat are little help. They've proved how out of touch (to pinch a 3 word slogan from Labor) yet again.

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