Saturday, December 1, 2007

Election Night: Tallyroom Tension

The Poll That Counts No.3: Tallyroom Tension

Inside the National Tallyroom in Canberra on Saturday night, the tension rose as the Australian Labor Party took the lead. People had travelled long distances and waited for hours to get into the public area. They knew why they had come. As one woman quipped, "I want my country back!". It was not just a partisan crowd. But they had come to celebrate.

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Anonymous said...

You've captured some good material there Kevin. Must have been exciting to be in the Tally Room. I can tell you though, it was equally as exciting in front of the box with some friends and a class of bubbly.

Kevin Rennie said...

I managed a couple of ales back at the Press Club where the ALP had a celebration. Exciting night all round. Met some great people.

Michel Tuomy said...

Thanks for that Kevin, you are showing Australia what one person can contribute as a citizen journalist.

If you want to have your videos play straight off your blog, the instructions to set it up are here,

It's easy to learn to do, even I did it no probs and I'm no tech person.

Thanks for the great vids, pity those Libs wouldn't get in the spirit of democracy.

Kevin Rennie said...

Thanks Michael!
I choose to use a direct link to Youtube rather than embed the videos so that it easier for people to make comments on them and rate if they want to.

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