Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back to Boab Country

We are back from 5 weeks visiting the other half of Australia. The photo was taken just before we left in mid December. It's a flowering boab.

Now it's back to business. It was almost impossible to follow Federal politics through the mass media while travelling. Standard fare was stories complaining about Labor implementing its election program and policies. The post-election reaction to proposed internet censorship is an excellent example. Those of us who opposed Stephen Conroy's opt-out version tried to get debate going before the vote. That's what elections are supposed to be about. Seems that don't rock the boat and/or we'll change it afterwards won the day.

Friends of the Labor government have a lot to do in the next 3 years to make sure that it does make a difference. The trick will be to move from essentially oppositional politics to getting real change happening. Vigorous debate is an essential part of that process.

Ideas for doing this on a regular basis are welcome. The usual online suspects will no doubt be involved. I feel a Facebook group coming on. The Rudd Cabinet is meeting in Perth next week and the PM will be holding a public forum on the 20th. We can only hope this will be more than a honeymoon event.

Labor View is intended as a place for labor supporters to share ideas and opinions. When you visit please leave a COMMENT below.

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