Friday, January 25, 2008

Mark Bin Bakar: Australian of the Year?

Broome's Mark Bin Bakar is the WA finalist for Australian of the Year. Most people know his alter ego Mary G.

Mary is our indigenous Edna Everage, stage performer and star of television and radio. She is the Queen of the Kimberley.

On Sorry Day 26 May 2006, as Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation Chairperson he said:

Today, nationally through out our country, Sorry Day events/ceremonies are
taking place, in recognition of the sad dark part of Australia’s history that Australia still denies. The ignorance is still prevalent throughout our country that the kids were taken for their own good etc. The media that pumps up the issues in the various media outlets today support the principles of removing children.

Friends, the truth is we live in a different era. We as a country should be miles down the track in understanding about the social disadvantages that our people face in their journey in life, but today our people, and I mean that in the context of Australia as a whole, the Original inhabitants of this country, are treated as third class citizens. As a minority we collectively tend to believe this and bury ourselves in our own misfortune. But I call on all honest, human spirited Australians who are not Indigenous to stand up and support the minority, the original Australians. Support our people to overcome the social genocide that condemns our people into a "bird in a cage" principle by being kept controlled and governed by Government policy and ignorance and fed programs, ideas and concepts that are engineered by people who do not understand the plight of our Indigenous people and their obligations to each other through many facets and factors that distinguishes Indigenous from Non Indigenous.
(Kimberley Stolen Generation Aboriginal Corporation)

Whether Mark is successful or not, he would make an excellent nominee for the next Governor General, despite breaking my own criteria.

Good luck tonight!

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