Saturday, May 10, 2008

Country Share: Welcome to Broome

Just like Broome itself Labor View from Broome has many visitors from overseas. I was surprised by the latest results for Country Share on Sitemeter. It covers the last 100 visits. Certainly posts on Voices without Votes have increased the political traffic but a closer examination of referring sites shows the power of Google searches including an increasing number of image searches. Kwoff and Digg also feature regularly with less from Reddit.

ClustrMaps shows an even greater diversity of countries visiting the site.

On Monday we are leaving Broome and returning to my country, Melbourne, to live. Might post occasionally during the next five weeks but will spend most of the time out of mobile much less internet range. Diesel is $1.80 a litre here. Wonder what it's fetching on the Gunbarrel Highway.

Expect a new name in late June.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin - all the best for the move, but I'm really sorry to hear that we won't be getting your insights from Broome any more. This blog has a permanent place on my RSS feeds - you've done a great job of giving us perspectives on a place that doesn't get enough coverage elsewhere.

Kevin Rennie said...


Thanks! There will be a view from Black Rock. Any thoughts on a name will be much appreciated. Anyway Broome is in good hands now that George Negus has adopted the Kimberley environment. Mind you his office ignored my request to know about his recent visit. It's sometimes very quiet at the bottom of the pecking order. Not one Minister has responded to my coverage of the WA Community Cabinet visit. Fran Logan's department wanted a copy of the video on Broadband for Indigenous communities for PR purposes.


Tim Norton said...

Likewise, Kevin - enjoy reading your blog. Hope you keep it up down south.

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