Thursday, May 8, 2008

Obama: Securing a Portion of the American Dream

Barack Obama has come through stronger than ever. His victory speech was impressive:'s about your hopes, it's about your dreams, it's about your struggles, it's about your aspirations, it's about securing your portion of the American dream. ...we can choose this moment to come together, choose not to be afraid...
It was a combination of JFK's inauguration and George W. Bush's appeal in 2000 to bi-partisanship.

It is ironic that Bush presented himself as the Washington outsider against Al Gore. Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton used similar slogans during their campaigns. Until he secured the Republican nomination John McCain had always positioned himself as the insider's outsider, in but not of Washington.

Barack's "new politics" echoes Kevin Rudd's "new leadership' of the 2007 Australian election. It can be irresistible against opponents who are perceived as offering more of the same, even Hillary Cinton. McCain may well be swamped by Obama's surge.

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