Sunday, April 5, 2009

GFC: Survival Tips and Business Opportunities

I missed Mong Palatino's third Global Voices post on the Global economic crisis last week. It's worth sharing what bloggers around the world have been saying:

The global economic recession is spreading gloom and despair everywhere. But the human spirit cannot be easily defeated. Many are trying hard to cope with the crisis. Bloggers are offering survival tips to their readers. Businesses around the world are adjusting. They are adopting new strategies; some are even profiting from the crisis. In this post, I will try to mention numerous examples of individuals and companies exerting their very best to overcome the recession.
Global Recession Survey: Survival Tips and Business Opportunities
Mong has also completed his fourth article in this series:
This post focuses on the stories of the unemployed and migrant workers who are returning home to their countries.

... There are many unemployed individuals who document their daily struggles by creating blogs.
Global Job Losses and Returning Migrant Workers

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