Monday, August 10, 2009

Andrew Robb's Wanton Waste

Whatever the political party, the waste of taxes by Federal members of parliament on propaganda is a disgrace. Our local member's latest effort is appalling. It's a 16 page glossy called The Robb Report. Andrew Robb is the MHR for Goldstein.

The first section is headed In the BEGINNING. Don't expect any light on political issues, it's Andrew's humble bio.

On the NATIONAL front is not about his coalition colleagues who hog the limelight and get the best headlines. Nor is it an historical piece on far right politics. It's actually about government policies. He would protect our economy from wanton spending such as the Rudd government stimulus package.

Right HERE in GOLDSTEIN is a 4 page list of Federal government funding to local projects such as $395,000 for Brighton Secondary College's facilities program. Andrew seems to be taking some implied credit for these as local member. One might have thought that they were examples of the other side of politics' wantonness that is "building unsustainable debt".

SANDRINGHAM Bowls Club gets 2 pages. Perhaps the link to their website would have sufficed. We do have two local Bayside papers and Council glossies that do this kind of thing much better. Robb fails to mention recent news about the club location which was recently renamed with an indigenous title Tjilatjirrin Reserve during NAIDOC week.

The back page has a plug for his NEW Website. It's a classy number. It seems that the Liberal Party are becoming more web savvy. Let's hope that taxpayers' money wasn't used in its development though the article quoted below seems to indicate otherwise. It isn't easy to find up-to-date information even with a web search. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Member sof the Hosue of Representative entitlements are:

Printing allowance of $100,000 a year for Reps, $16,667 a year for senators for personalised stationery, newsletters, certificates, fridge magnets, postal vote applications and voting information.

Communications allowance to cover postage and costs of creating and maintaining a web site. Worth $27,500 a year for senators and about $40,000 a year for lower house members (50 cents for every enrolled voter in electorate).
Full list of federal MPs entitlements SMH 22 May 2009
It's time to rein in this wanton waste. Let the political parties pay for their own spin. robb's website has an online Survey about "the issues that concern you most". Second on the list is: Making sure the Government spends taxpayers' money wisely
Bannning its use on party promotions or parliamentarian's personal propaganda would be a great start.

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Brianna Williams said...

Get a life. Why bag local schools and sporting clubs for having their good work promoted?

Unknown said...

I'm not bagging them. But whose good work is really being promoted at the taxpayers' expense?

Brianna Williams said...

I still disagree with you but I do see your point per se.

Unknown said...


Thanks. I try to give local issues some coverage here, including the Bowls Club which is only a few doors away.

Brianna Williams said...

I have a question. Why doesn't Andrew Robb have the Robb Report on his website (either as well as or instead of the current way)?

Terry Moloney said...

The printing etc allowances are legal but a corruption of the democratic process. Their purpose is to give sitting members a bag of cash to maintain themselves in office. Challengers at an election or a party preselection recieve no such bounty (and nor should they) but those in office do. Any arguement that the allowances are needed for work on behalf of their constituents is self serving nonsense. Do not hang by your thumbs waiting for the Parliament to change this.

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