Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ABC Mediabotch: ignorance is bliss

We have come to expect less and less from the ABC. Reporter Deborah Cornwall gave us a gem last week in an opinion piece for the 7.30 Report. Take this hard hitting expert commentary :

Until today, the biggest obstacle to Della Bosca's leadership ambitions was his bad tempered wife, Labor federal senator Belinda Neal, who was seen as a political liability in the wake of last year’s so-called Iguana-gate scandal. But in the end, it was his mistress who would destroy his career.
Della Bosca resigns with regret ABC 1 September 2009
Belinda is the House of Representatives member for Robertson, not a Senator.

Is it too much to expect that political commentators will get the basic facts right? When in doubt google!

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clarencegirl said...

I didn't pick that up - what a classic.
Well done!

Unknown said...

I've rarely been involved with public events, especially political ones, where the reporters did not make a significant factual mistakes. Perhaps it's just the pressure of meeting deadlines or the difficulty of in-depth apprenticeships in current affairs journalism. Too much to know, too little time. However in the age of the web and mobile technologies there is no excuse for sloppy work.

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