Friday, December 18, 2009

Business Wants The Real Deal

From WWF:

Powering economies into the low carbon future:
Business leaders claim that a strong deal in Copenhagen will be good for the economy, a weak deal will be bad.

What will world leaders produce at the end of the week? A political deal? A legally binding deal? No deal at all?

There are rumours floating in and around the Bella Center that big business would prefer caution and the status quo instead of a treaty that is bold and sets comprehensive reduction targets.

That perception is incorrect. More than 1,000 businesses from all continents, most of them global players, are advocating for a strong legally binding deal that reduces carbon pollution and accelerates clean energy innovation on a global scale.
Business – The Real Deal
If you're a Facebook friend of Barack Obama or Kevin Rudd let them know we demand a real deal now.

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