Monday, January 11, 2010

Avatar Stirs Conservative Ire

It seems that Andrew Bolt et al are not the only conservatives to have problems with Avatar's political message:

James Cameron's "Avatar" may have smashed box-office records, but it's receiving less-than-stellar reviews from some conservative writers who have panned the movie's blunt political messaging.
James Cameron's gamble pays off as his "Avatar" passes the billion-dollar mark.
The Politics of 'Avatar:' Conservatives Attack Film's Political Message

Thanks to Current for the link.

My view from Cinema Takes:
Those looking for a message will probably find it, but be warned it’s not much of an allegory. It may have upset some conservative commentators, but not all tree-huggers, gaia greenies or animal libbers will embrace it either. The indigenous people are full-on meat eaters.

Ultimately god/gaia is an anti-colonial, anti-globalisation, save-the-planet, peace warrior. She’s called Eyra on Pandora. The 'mother" doesn’t take sides, she just gets even.
Avatar: One, Two, Three Dimensional

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