Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monarchy Maps: Google a Royal Visit

With the current interest in Prince William's visit to the colonies, a look at the royal website is good for a laugh. The monarchy is supposed to stay relevant and modern. The Google Maps Past and future Royal visits in my area should be bookmarked by anyone visiting the mother country.

If you've been losing sleep about where the Countess of Wessex is expending the public purse today, she is at Rowcroft Barracks, Aborfield Garrison, Reading, Berkshire, presumably in her role as Colonel-in-Chief, The Corps of Army Music. If you're not sure who she is or how she fits into the Royal Household, join the club.

The British taxpayers spent approximately $A 70 million on Royal Public Finances in the 2007-8 financial year. Not sure how much royal visits to Oz and related matters cost Australian taxpayers. The map of engagements doesn't include areas Down Under. You have to visit the young Princes website. I'll let you google that yourself if you must.

For those interested in Australia's future republic, please visit the Australian Republican Movement

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radical royalist said...

If you are so worried about costs, what would you like to spend for an Aussie president?

The Queen does not get a salary, neither from the British nor from the Australians. What presidents receive is to discover. And the costs for the office and daily functions of a head of state are not cheaper in republics than in Monarchies.

Kevin Rennie said...

I'd just like to choose/elect who we pay for. See you at the next referendum!

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