Thursday, June 29, 2017

New Ways to Measure Our Wellbeing: Fiona Stanley at Progress 2017

Fiona Stanley, Child Health Research professor at the University of Western Australia, addressed the Progress 2017 gathering in Melbourne on 7 June. She explores the ANDI project (Australian National Development Index) a holistic measure of national progress and wellbeing.

Fiona argues that GDP (Gross Domestic Product - the usual indicator of economic growth) is a "very flawed measure" that takes no account of the impact on our wellbeing. She instances the 2009 bushfires as "a great contributor to GDP".

"It is time to end this mis-measure of human progress by economic growth alone."

The ANDI index will measure:

  • Children and young people’s wellbeing

  • Community and regional life

  • Culture, recreation and leisure

  • Governance and democracy

  • Economic life and prosperity

  • Education, knowledge and creativity ​

  • Environment and sustainability

  • Justice, fairness and human rights

  • Health

  • Indigenous wellbeing

  • Work and work-life balance

  • Subjective wellbeing and life satisfaction ​

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