Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Media Challenges: Guardian Australia's Lenore Taylor at Progress 2017

Lenore Taylor, award-winning journalist and editor of Guardian Australia, gave a lightning talk at Progress 2017 in Melbourne on 7 June.

Lenore outlined some of the challenges facing the media, both old and new. In particular Google and Facebook are soaking up advertising revenue and have become publishers of news not just tech companies. However, they do not have the same accountability as other news organisations. Online advertising supports often false or fake news that goes viral but:

It increasingly difficult, extremely difficult, to fund the in-depth policy journalism or political journalism or investigative journalism that holds politicians to account or gives voters the information that they need in elections to make informed choices.

Lenore also discussed their new membership model for revenue raising.

The two-day event was organised by the Centre for Australian Progress.

More video from #progress2017 here.

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