Friday, October 26, 2007

AWAs: Not all plane sailing

We haven’t heard much about Work Choices during the campaign except generalities. However, some things just won’t go away. I reported in August in AWAs up in the air that National Jet pilots in WA were threatening strikes over AWAs. They are the ones who carry the fly-in fly-out miners.

Well it has popped its head up again. They want a collective agreement and may stop work for two days before the election. Pilots’ strike may cripple NW mining (The West Australian, 26 October 2007)

The West Australian also features these two sporting headlines today:

Howard gives $5m for WA cricket (How tragic!)
Howard wishes Cousins well in drug fight (They both need it if they are to play next year. Obviously not part of his tough on drugs talk!)

Won’t bother opening them. Got to draw the line somewhere.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...


A 12.4% pay increase over that term is a bit lean at best.
And for Howard's bribe to WA cricket should be seen for what it is.
I wonder how many games played with Ice in his system but hey, as a nation we place too much importance on sportsmen because as a nation we are and will be devoid of leadership if we mantain the current status.
There is a lot to be done if this is to change.
I will be in contact with you in the future as I need eyes and ears on the western side of our nation.


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