Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Xenophobia alive and well...

Immigration, refugees and multiculturalism are issues that no-one in the centre left parties likes to talk about during election campaigns. The spectre, not to mention the reality, of Pauline Hanson is ever present not just on All Soul's Day.

Xenophobia seems to be well and truly alive in Australia if you go by some of the comments in response to my article Australia’s multicultural society works! in ONLINE Opinion. It has always disturbed me that the easiest thing to teach our children is hate.

If you missed last night's SBS Insight program catch the repeat on Friday afternoon. It looks at the African immigration issue from the perspective of local Noble Park people.

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Anonymous said...

What do you say about the Labor party using TV adds that are totaly missleading in relation to Australian Work agreements?? i am retired but my brother who works for a tyre manufacturing company (and is a labor voter)tells me that AWA's are the best thing that has happen to the work force. And that any AWA is checked and protected by government legistration. Making these TV advertisements blantant lies and missleading the Australian public? I also believe there will be a Labor change of leadership if they win; how true is this? i am Southaussie,

Anonymous said...

‘Xenophobia seems to be well and truly alive in Australia’ says Kevin. You need to rethink that statement Kevin. With about 120 different cultures in Australia I think the word is xenomania. Kevin seems to be caught up in his own paralogism when he suggests that public scrutiny of a policy is hate.

Kevin Rennie said...

A phobia is a fear not hate but one can lead to the other. I still despair that hate is the easiest thing to teach.

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