Thursday, October 25, 2007

Charles Perkins Oration 2007

Thanks to Will Owen who provided the following link to Marion Scrymgour's speech "Whose national emergency? Caboolture and Kirribili? or Milikapati and Mutijulu?": Labor minister lashes party over intervention (SMH 24 October 2007).

PDF files of the full speech are available in this article.

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Anonymous said...

How disapointing to hear Rudds reaction to the speech made by Marion Scrymgour.Yet again he has adopted the populist line, and had the temerity to attack a woman who has far more knowledge of this racist intervention than he could ever hope to comprehand.

Good on you Marion, if there were more folk like you we might be able to make true inroads into the disadvantage, rather than using the indigenous people as a political football to win an election.

I am so ashamed of the federal politicians of this country.

Mike said...

It's a pity there was not more support for Marion when Labor colleagues joined the bandwagon directing criticism at her for being so outspoken. It is sad to see her recant, and blame her words on the emotion surrounding the loss of her father. More people also need to be aware of the Discussion Paper on NT Land Rights launched by Brough last year: that paper, and not the Wild-Anderson report, explains the NT intervention. See my blog:

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