Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mungo or Maggie for Governor General

Time to get a new GG apparently. Kevin Rudd has ruled out ex-politicians such as Kim Beazley. We have had enough judges, military and politicians. One bishop was one too many. Let's not have a sportsperson or an entertainer.

Perhaps a writer. Bob Ellis or Mungo MacCallum? A chef or cook such as Stephanie Alexander or Maggie Beer. Yet the job is a political one. Labor must choose someone who will not repeat the Kerr disaster of 1975.

No doubt Poll Bludger, Mumble, Possum and Jackman will have all the odds once the bookies get going. Your nominations can left here in Comments. First correct entry and most lateral nomination will receive a copy of "The Poll that Counts" DVD of election day around Canberra and in the tallyroom.

Meanwhile we have to start pushing the Republic again. More on this soon.

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Anonymous said...

My choice is Lowitja O'Donoghue

Anonymous said...

Agree with Heather, Lowitja as first choice, Mick Dodson as second. Either way, the last(presuming we grow up and become a republic) GG should be an indigenous Australian. Reason being, the last bastion of the head of state being a foreigner should be taken up by the true owners of this country.

Kevin Rennie said...

Mick is a local up here of course. They'd both make better Presidents. Time to fire up the republican movement now that Malcolm is otherwise occupied. 2012 or bust.

Anonymous said...

I think any appointments that are remotely party-political are probably not the way to go. Hopefully Rudd and co will come good on the promise of a referendum to coincide with the 2012 election. I think as this term draws to a close, the republican debate will likely be revived in the sphere of public opinion.

Anonymous said...

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