Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Democrats of a Certain Age

With Barack Obama taking Wisconsin and Hawaii decisively, is it the end of Hilary Clinton's bid to be the first woman President? Will the rush to Obama roll through Ohio and Texas? Can Clinton's supporters slow his bandwagon?

Two Huffington Posts from the States earlier this week indicate that there may be some life left in the pro-Clinton forces.

Firstly, a feminist perspective from Karen Stabiner questioned Obama's liberal credentials

At a televised campaign stop, someone asked him how he felt about the ad campaign. Obama, grave-faced and sympathetic in tone, opined that when Senator Clinton was 'feeling down,' she went on the attack to make herself feel better; that is, she committed an error in judgment because she was in a bad mood. That was the moment when I, and other women of a certain age, all over the country, winced.
The Change Candidate Needs to Change His Tone Towards Women (17 February 2008)

Stephen Schlesinger took a very different tack trying to focus on fighting issues:
Of extraordinary importance, she has taken the lead on the most important economic crisis to face our country in decades. She was among the first of the first Democratic contenders to propose a bold economic recovery program designed to rescue the nation from recession.

...In many ways, Senator Clinton is to the left of Senator Obama. Hillary Clinton has outlined a program of universal health insurance -- meaning that every person in America would be covered.

...Lastly, Hillary Clinton is a fighter for change. Senator Obama, on the other hand, is a self-described conciliator. What Democrats want today, however, is a battler, not a motivational speaker.
Why Hillary Clinton Still Matters (16 February 2008)

These two commentators voice liberal Democrat sentiments which in normal times would have united the party behind Hillary. These are not ordinary times and Barack's secular evangelism is winning the day.

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