Monday, February 18, 2008

Desert Heart: Back to Country

Winpa by Daniel Walbidi

For the second time in a week Broome's Sun Pictures was the setting for an important indigenous event. Wednesday saw a gathering of locals to watch and celebrate Kevin Rudd's Sorry speech. Last night brought the premiere of Desert Heart, a documentary by David Batty of Bush Mechanics fame.

It is the story of the Yulparija who left the Great Sandy Desert forty years ago. They now live as saltwater people in Bidyadanga south of Broome. In 2006 young artist Daniel Walbidi joined members of the tribe on a journey back to their land. They were supported by Emily Rohr of Short Street Gallery.

For more about their artwork, see Junk for Code.

The film, and the work of these artists which documents their country, are inspiring. Don't miss it when the ABC screens it in March.

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