Friday, August 22, 2008

Bill McHarg: not easy being green

If you didn't see Bill McHarg on Australian Story, don't miss the repeat on Saturday 23 August at 12.30 pm.

It's Not Easy Being Green
is a reminder of what we fought for during the election last year and what we need to fight for in coming years. Bill is an Aussie hero.

For more details check Getup Confab or the ABC Australian Story website.

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Anonymous said...

It is quite admiral that Bill has been so focused on a cause. However, he I would like to know his thoughts on what Maxine McKew has done to assist his global warming cause...

I addition, I notice in his profile on Australia Story that when he retreated to his property he was chopping a lot of fired wood and sitting in front of his fire place at night... Does he have any idea of the carbon emissions that are created from burning logs on a open fire????

Passion is great but one must also be informed.

Unknown said...

Anon. What are your thoughts about Maxine? Presumably Bill cuts wood he grows himself. Anyway both of them can speak for themselves. Why not contact them.

Anonymous said...

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