Saturday, August 9, 2008

Brothel clients need a lift

When we were downsizing a couple of years ago, we looked for townhouses with a downstairs bedroom for our twilight years after we finishing skiing (spending the kids' inheritance). Didn't know then you can rent by the hour.

However, our local Bayside Council is not so worried about the problems of age as this local Bayside Leader frontpage story attests:

Stairway to heaven
Brothel move to help elderly clients rejected

A Brighton East brothel owner has been thwarted in its bid to operate from a ground floor room as its elderly clients do not have to walk up stairs... because of age and frailty.

"They don't come in for sex - they come in to talk," Mr Anderson (Ultimate Magic owner) said."They're just lonely old guys, most of them."
That's every client's excuse. Can't decide whether this is ageism, officiousness, wowserism, anti-disabled or all four.

Their clients may have to travel a few kilometres up the road to the aptly named Daily Planet. The brothels in Kalgoorlie are single story as this recent photo shows. Perhaps this is what Paris Hilton meant about her plans to repaint the White House pink.

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