Monday, August 4, 2008

Topend Poll Setback for Rudd?

The headlines can be written now for the Northern Territory election: Topend Poll Setback for Rudd

A swing and loss of seats are inevitable after the landslide last time. The intervention and the often inaccurate claims that the Labor government was doing nothing about indigenous issues will bite. So will fishing versus sea rights, the 130km/hr speed limit and the change of leader.

Some postive words about the Chief Minister Paul Henderson:

After the 2001 ALP victory it was difficult to get Ministers to meet with the Katherine ALP members. This was despite repeated requests, which I can confirm as branch president for some of that time. The one notieable exception was the then novice Paul Henderson who not only organised a meeting with labor locals but brought John Ah Kit with him as well. The sort of interaction that is often neglected in political parties, especially in unwinnable seats such as Katherine. Good stuff!

Paul also visited Maingrida within 36 hours of Cyclone Monica in 2006 and sttod in our water soaked and asbesos ridden classrooms which had bbeen unroofed on 24 April. He came with Clare Martin in what were clearly happier times for them.

Last saw him pulling beer at the Greek festival in Darwin that year. Good luck to Paul and his deputy Marion Scrymgour who is one of the best.

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