Sunday, March 15, 2009

Clean Feed lurches on

If you didn't hear today's ABC Radio National's Background Briefing, Conroy's Clean Feed, download the podcast or listen to the repeat on Tuesday on Tuesday 17 March at 7pm.

In the name of protecting children, the government is investigating ways to filter 'unwanted' and 'inappropriate' material on the web—seen by some as the thin end of the censorship wedge.
A first class report.

Senator Conroy's Future Directions of the Digital Economy blog has been silent for nearly 6 weeks. Couldn't find anywhere to leave a comment anymore. As ABC reporter Wendy Carlisle remarked, the Minster for Communications isn't always that communicative. At one stage during the report he tells us that the trial is only about technology - the debate about what will be blocked will take place later on. I would be delighted to be corrected.

The Federal parliamentary internet feed is currently censored. Background Briefing has a couple of examples. One has upset anti-abortionists including Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi. Anyway with Nick Xenophon and the Liberal Party right opposed, Conroy and Kevin Rudd should save the money and redirect it to employment programs.

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