Friday, March 20, 2009

Labor by a whisker

My tip for tomorrow's Queensland election is Labor by one seat, anything else is unthinkable. There has been no evidence that a LNP government would be any better than the old Country Party. To all those Green voters, please use your preferences.

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Dave Riley said...

The problem is Why? What has Labor done in Queensland to earn any one's preference? If they lose the state they will lose it the same way they lost the Brisbane City Council: by me tooism.

I think Labor could lose and they will have no one to blame but themselves. The Tories have even undermined on environment issues. In effect the LNP is likely to harness the One Nation franchise whhs has been over 20% .

And with this olil spill -- the "I fish and I vote" sector won't be cheering for Bligh.

fly on the wall said...

What makes me laugh is the selfish myopic dills that will probably swing Redlands and other seats (the latter not mentioned here).

Seriously standing on daylight saving? Hardly a critical issue at the moment. Credit crisis and all that.

One whose whole campaign is built on her personal hysterical paranoia and her Personal interests extending prep for her child. The tragedy is she'll be back in uniform Monday with her ideas of vigilantism. Motherhood is great but this lady needs HELP with perspective. Trust her to be rational when enforcing the law?

But then there’s the island’s candidate who’s placed a half page in the local paper bagging the council because they haven’t “informed” 288 people about a draft on the day before the election so the truth/reason wouldn’t get wider coverage ?

Redlands is one seat do they really believe that their issues are so important to QEENSLAND?

Do any of the three individuals really believe that their efforts will achieve their goals? Changing government won’t change these issues.
Unless they get in and hold the government/ state to ransom over some unrelated more important bill.
Independents are fine but limited issue drones are a pestilence on democracy.

And they wonder why they’re the laughing stock of rest of the City, State and Australia.
In a time of crisis and the looming financial depression is such we need to put our personal selfishness on hold or we'll all suffer.

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