Monday, March 16, 2009

YouTube attack on Queensland LNP Deputy Leader

There is a YouTube Channel called MarkMcArdleLNP. If you're not a Queenslander you may wonder who Mark McCardle is. Just received a link to this YouTube video:

The channel appears to belong to the ALP. It is authorised by A Chisholm ALP 16 Peel St South Brisbane. Anthony Chisholm is the State Secretary.

It's online mud slinging but there appears to be something to this attack on the deputy leader of the Liberal National Party:

The state government has accused Sunshine Coast MP Mark McArdle of retaining links to a disgraced lawyer whose firm cost investors $30 million in failed mortgage schemes.

Mr McArdle, the Liberal leader, was a partner in Sunshine Coast law firm Boyce Garrick lawyers when scores of investors, mostly elderly retirees, lost money in the 1990s schemes.

McArdle quizzed over collapsed mortgage scheme
It seems all stops are out. I wonder if they'll use it on television.

UPDATE: My QLD ferrets tell me that the ad is on TV.

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