Monday, April 7, 2008

Arise Lord Nelson

Living costs more important than republic: Nelson

Is Brendan Nelson angling for royal honours like every Liberal's hero and mascot Sir Robert Menzies, perhaps as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports? All the Liberal Party needs is another monarchist as leader. Maybe it's a way of achieving some product differentiation from Malcolm Turnbull.

Nelson hasn't quite mastered the Rudd salute yet either.

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cosmicjester said...

So Brendan babe, if we cant talk about a republic with the economy booming and unemployment at a 30 year low when can we talk abou it? I thought he was on a "Listening Tour" after all, and now he is telling us what we can and cant talk about

Kevin Rennie said...

I wonder if he will talk to Malcolm Turnbull about what the Opposition should do in response to Rudd's latest comments. Australians should demand a republic. I still like 2012 as a target for our first President.

radical royalist said...

The advocates of "a" republic (please explain what model you prefer today) will not have an easy walk.

Kevin Rennie said...

I favour a popular election of the President, perhaps along the Irish lines. It wasn't an easy walk to gain their independence either. The seem capable of surviving a political crisis or two. Australians are a flexible and tolerant mob when it comes to politics. The 1975 dismissal exposed all the faults of the current system and yet we plugged on.

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