Wednesday, April 9, 2008

WMD: Words of Mass Deception

There was nothing particularly new about Frontline's Bush's War on SBS last night but it was frightening to see it all spread before us. The amorality of the key players in the Iraq invasion was astonishing. Dick Chaney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Tenant, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perl, and countless others should not be able to sleep at night. The idea of Condoleezza Rice as McCain's ruuning mate is gob smacking.

Most aren't even prepared to front programs like Frontline to defend themselves anymore. Those who did like Richard Armitage left me feeling disgusted. He and Colin Powell should have resigned in protest rather than do Bush and Chaney's bidding. Powell's performance at the UN was Machiavellian except that its content was so ametuerish. How did so many people fall for it?

I tuned in after seeing Kite Runner at Broome's Sun Pictures. Perhaps it was the outdoor atmosphere, in particular planes landing on top of us, but I quite liked the film. The anti-Russian and anti-Taliban sentiments did not dominate too much. I enjoyed the fact that it is an Afghan languages film with little English even in the US scenes.

If Iraq may need a 100 year occupation, as John McCain has suggested, then Afghanistan may wait millennia for sanity to prevail.

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