Friday, April 11, 2008

Dear American Voter: having our say

Link TV has an election project called Dear American Voter It's a place to watch and read the views of non-US citizens about American politics. And post your own thoughts.

The upcoming U.S. election will affect people all over the world, but only Americans will get the chance to vote. Would you like to send American voters a message? Make a video that tells how you would vote, and why. Even better, don't just tell them, show them: How have U.S. policies already changed the place where you live? What about the lives of your friends and family? You may not have your say in the ballot box, but you can still be heard!

Videos include: Why People Hate The USA; The WAR party and Leave the Arab World In Peace (now showing below).

This site is an excellent complement to Voices Without Votes, which I have mentioned before. Have your say!

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Erik said...

Found this on Digg and was disappointed to find a video with no transcript. No offense, but my general impression of people who justify their politics by linking to video is that they are rather simple-minded.

Kevin Rennie said...


Did you read the whole blog entry? I don't get your point. How many online videos come with transcripts?

Anonymous said...

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