Monday, April 14, 2008

Clinton: Working Class hero?

Clinton plays working-class hero after Obama gaffe (ABC News 14 April 2008) is an online edited version of a Reuters story from the Australian Broacasting Corporation (not the American Broadcasting Company).

Clinton has toured a working-class neighborhood to stress her blue-collar background...

But it was Senator Obama's week-old comments saying economic problems led many "bitter and frustrated" voters in small towns to "cling" to their guns and religion that still ruled the political agenda.

The furore could threaten Senator Obama's chances in Pennsylvania, which votes on April 22 to help pick a Democratic candidate to run against Republican John McCain in November's presidential election.

It was the sort of slip that Barack didn't need. Firstly in his continuing struggle with Hillary and later if he is Presidential candidate. Hillary certainly cannot afford any more mistakes. As this story indicates, she will continue to push her perceived greater economic credibility over Obama and McCain as a key campaign focus. She must win the Democrat heartland of working class America to have any chance.

Clinton just won't give in. Unless she has a disaster in Pennsylvania it will be up to the Super delegates. More on their role in future posts.

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amphibious said...

What a shame that a simple truism can be a, possiby fatal, "slip-up".

Unknown said...

I don't think it will be fatal. Anyway the upside of the continuing primaries is that he gets tested before the main bout.

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