Monday, July 21, 2008

Afghanistan snow for Obama?

Whoever wins in November, the US, and Australia will be in Afghanistan for a very long time. Certainly longer than the Soviet Union. The only question seems to be whether Bush or his successor has the first surge. Their optimism about Iraq may prove to be illusionary, either in the short term or the longer haul. Repeat surges there are hardly a political option except perhaps for John McCain.

Let’s hope that Barack Obama isn't being snowed by the military during his overseas tour. If that’s necessary. You have to wonder how many of his enthusiastic supporters in Australia are aware of his plans to increase military spending and the size of the armed forces. He is no dove.

The political and military goals in Afghanistan are even murkier than in Iraq. At least the US will be able judge when the oil is flowing freely and cheaply again. Afghan stability will be a whole new concept.

Because of the attention on Pope Benedict at the World Youth Day in Sydney, coverage of the US presidential election has been thin lately. The speed of the pope-mobile and photo opportunities with babies have been the clich̩ of the day. It was high theatre with the stations of the cross seeming to take longer than the original story. We can now get back to the important stuff Рsport. It was fitting that the mass for the masses was at a racecourse.

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Unknown said...

Assuming that your Afghanistan memories are just as hazy as ours, we've taken the liberty of putting together a little refresher course on America's "other war" that was pushed out of the headlines by our quest for cheap oil to liberate the Iraqi people:

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