Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shooting Obama in the Sandal

The campaign is hotting up:

The cover of the New Yorker magazine has caused an uproar in the States. It's hard to believe that they are pro Obama. Obviously the editor doesn't understand the cliché about Americans having no sense of irony.

The Stump at The New Republic was typical of the response:

When I first looked at the image, I was focused on the heads, and I thought, "keffiyeh -- check; Afro -- check, terrorist fist jab -- check; but where the heck is the gratuitous desecrated American flag?" Closer inspection, though, revealed: there it was! They really left no base uncovered here.
(What Were They Thinking? 13 July 2008)

This attack on John McCain on GoLeft TV by TheRealMcCain.com let's him shoot himself in the foot with his own straight talking:

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