Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cavalcade of Arrogance

A follow-up to my earlier post, Senior Citizen Journalist:

The video of the panel discussion at the Microsoft Politics and Technology Forum varies from rash generalisations to insults. We now have a blogger stereotype: "5 second experts". I'm proud to be part of the "cavalcade of arrogance". We might well point their question back at most of the panelists: "Who do they think they are?". They seemed to know little about political bloggers in Oz and nothing about citizen journalism. Peter Black was a refreshing contrast to the other so-called experts.

Anyway it was good to see Annabel Crabb blog again this week especailly St Kevin smites global sinners. She certainly had plenty of the irreverence Margaret Simons recommends for bloggers.

A criticism of the mass media blogs in Australia, including Fairfax papers, is that they do not allow links to the responders. Hence killing any meaningful debate. It can't be about inappropriate sites as the comments are moderated before publication in most cases.

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