Thursday, February 5, 2009

Andrew Robb wasting valuable space

Andrew Robb, the Federal Member for Goldstein and Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, has just sent out a four page, glossy "Special Family Newsletter' to his electorate.

Despite the claim that it's "with the compliments of" Andrew, I have my usual objections to taxes paying for the publication and postage of blatant propaganda and PR. Given his prominent position on Malcolm Turnbull's team, you'd expect his message to the electors to focus on the current economic crisis.

But Mr. Robb has his priorities right. The centre spread has 'My Times Tables' and '100 Ways to Praise Your Child'. It tells families to, "Remember a HUG is worth 1000 words". Or tens of thousands of dollars of public money in this case.

But there is a message. It contains such gems as:

As we all know, a good education is vital.

Of course, the greatest source of help and support for children are their parents.

A "back to basics' approach mightn't be 'trendy' but getting the fundamentals right is so important.
If Robb is serious about representing his electorate, then public meetings and written communications that address the financial crisis and seek feedback are the least we should expect. Perhaps a public forum on his website might also promote some democratic participation. I suggest the electors use the contact details there to let the Liberals know what they think of their opposition to the stimulus package.

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