Thursday, February 12, 2009

Steve Fielding: Get out of the way!

So Senator Steve Fielding is demanding a $4 billion addition (or is it substitution) to the Rudd government's stimulus package. You have to wonder just what the role of a sole Senator is. Economic management? Grandstanding? Political/economic vandalism? Whatever he thinks it is, I'm sure the overwhelming majority of the Australian electorate have a message for him:

Get out of the way!
You can send him your thoughts at:

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Anonymous said...

Do you think that the Government should just have their package rubber stamped, even though it has considerable flaws?

Senator Fielding's proposal was modelled by the Treasury and is projected to create many more jobs per dollar spent than the rest of the Government's package?

The Government is attempting to rush this package through without considering all options and the best needs of the country. I am appalled with the Government's actions on this.


Kevin Rennie said...

So we are to be ruled by tiny minority government. The power of one. The arrogance.

Anonymous said...

"So we are to be ruled by tiny minority government."

What are you talking about? Fielding is attempting to rule anything. He is attempting to improve the bill.

On arrogance, the government in its attempts to ram through its legislation unchanged is displaying total arrogance. Arrogance to a level that reminds me of the Howard Government.


Anonymous said...

"Fielding is attempting to rule anything"

I meant: Fielding is not attempting to rule anything.


Robyn said...

Is it true that we are suffering Sen Fielding on a federal level because of some mixup of preferences by Labor and the Greens? When do we get to vote him out?

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